Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grow and Series

Good evening,

I'm about to tuck myself to bed soon. My eyes aren't really tired but my body is. After almost 2 weeks into the so called workout chart prepared by a friend, i decided to take a day off today. Instead, overhauling the house hohoho not alone of course, with the help of the three gorillaz hahaha

Since the break starts, i seldom go out of the house. I prefer to stay inside. Kinda lazy. I will go out only if there's a purpose. Like tonight, went out with my family to go shop for groceries. Then had my dinner at Usop's. Gosh, that was a heavy meal for as late as 10 pm. Not good for the belly :P.

Acne so far is cooling down, after dermedex. Hopefully for another few weeks, my face will be flawless :P Another problem is my gum. It keeps on bleeding every time i brush my teeth. I wonder what's wrong. Will google about it tomorrow. Gotta eat something to strengthen the gum i guess.

Anyway, keep on yawning thousands of time. Guess it's good night then. :)

1 comment:

  1. flawless ? cant wait to see !!
    * I experienced the same thing,bleeding gum.