Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cintalah yang memungkinkan segala

Well, the title has nothing to do with anything at all. Just a line from a song. If you know what i mean. Anyway, it's nearly 2010. Just a few more days to go. Thought of getting myself a list of things to do in 2010. Sort of a guide. Not that i ever had one before haha

I just got back from my bro's house, watching sehati berdansa finale. I never got myself addicted to it. Oh ya, my bleeding gum is sort of improved a lil. I changed to sensodyne and EXTRA soft toothbrush. But still bleeds though. I haven't really google things that i should eat to strengthen the gum. Hmmmm. My face isn't really what i expected. The acne scars are far from gone and yet, acne still appears again and again. I wonder what's the best thing that can permanently stop it from occuring. Now, i'm still considering other options apart from dermedex. Maybe traditional remedy? on top of my over-the-counter products. Oh ya, got my hair coloured! After several years. This time, it's mud cherry. I think it's ok. Hope it won't turn any brighter.

I still have 2 weeks plus before going back to KL and Bali trip. Gotta make the best of what i have now. Okay then, i'm gonna quit now. Watching 'saus kacang' in a min. Bye!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grow and Series

Good evening,

I'm about to tuck myself to bed soon. My eyes aren't really tired but my body is. After almost 2 weeks into the so called workout chart prepared by a friend, i decided to take a day off today. Instead, overhauling the house hohoho not alone of course, with the help of the three gorillaz hahaha

Since the break starts, i seldom go out of the house. I prefer to stay inside. Kinda lazy. I will go out only if there's a purpose. Like tonight, went out with my family to go shop for groceries. Then had my dinner at Usop's. Gosh, that was a heavy meal for as late as 10 pm. Not good for the belly :P.

Acne so far is cooling down, after dermedex. Hopefully for another few weeks, my face will be flawless :P Another problem is my gum. It keeps on bleeding every time i brush my teeth. I wonder what's wrong. Will google about it tomorrow. Gotta eat something to strengthen the gum i guess.

Anyway, keep on yawning thousands of time. Guess it's good night then. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Return

Generally, when this blog is being updated again, after a longgggggggg pause, it means i'm totally bored. :P

A quick update, i'm on my semester break since november 24th, 2009 till january 25th, 2010. In that period, most of the time i'll be in Miri, for sure. But probably will be going to Bali in this coming January, just before the new, final semester starts. And yeah, it's my final semester, hopefully.

This is just a start of my comeback. I'll get in touch regularly. Peace :)